Travel Day WOD

12 rounds for time
125 stair repeats

Score: 19:45

On travel days I like to breath and sweat as much as possible. I know I will spend the rest of the day sitting and not moving. No better way to burn calories than on a stair run. 

The incline spikes the heart along with burns the legs and lungs. This particular set of stairs is built on a cliff leading down to the beach in the Algarve. They felt steeper and a little more unstable than the ones I’m use to but I couldn’t have asked for a better recover view on the day down. 

Perfect workout to start my travel day. 

Keep Stepping

Sunny and sore morning calls for a nice and easy stair run. After taxing my upper body with all the bar muscle-ups it was time to use my lungs and legs.

Luckily for me there is a perfect set of 100 stairs just a block from my house. It makes it quick and easy for me to squeeze a short and intense outdoor workout into my morning before I start my day.

I have been doing this simple yet effective stair run for 5 years and every time (still!) my calves get sore. It also works my lungs like none other. Perfect way to start my Saturday.

15 Rounds for time:
100 Steps (down)
100 Steps (up)

Score: 13:12