It’s Good to be Back

5 Rounds for time: 
600 Meter Hill run
21 Cals Air Bike
21 Toes-to-Rings

Score: 20:12

Being back at my home gym is a great feeling so is using and Air Bike and Rings. This longer piece is what I needed. Was able to do all 21 Toes-to-rings unbroken which I will feel my core tomorrow.

The Air Bike got spicy. I tried my best to stick to a pace I could maintain through the workout and only fell off a few second each round. It’s great to be home and back to a normal workout routine, however it’s going to take some time to get my body feeling as strong, but it will happen.

Morning Paris Run

4.2 Mile run
Score: 31:14

Its been 10 weeks of travel with almost zero equipment and mostly running. Its not the training I’m use to back home but I feel very confident that I have not fallen off too much.

I know it will be painful lifting heavy, and my hand will hurt when I do anything with a bar. However it’s amazing what can be done with just body weight and the occasional outdoor fitness center.

I am grateful I finally got a little better and handstand, but not much 🙂

Trying to get my workout in

3.62 mile run
Score: 24:55

Nothing exciting about this run. It was early in the morning, family was all still asleep, the sun wasn’t to hot and I was able to push my pace and wake my body up after the first half mile.

The uneven cobble stone street keep me focused on my stride and each step and less focused on the beautiful soundings.

I don’t enjoy working out early but I’m alway happy once its over and I can enjoy the day.

Pula Run Croatia

4.2 mile run

Score: 29:52

Went on a little longer run today which felt great. I tried to focus on my running form and keep a consistent pace. The run was flat on on the water front in Croatia so it made for a nice view. Since it was early enough in the morning the town was less crowded and I could focus my stride and less on avoiding people which was nice for a change.

Handstand hold practice continues and today a swim to cool down. 

Keep on Running

4.89 Mile run
Score: 40:02

Running in Venice or any major city during the summer months feels a little like dodge ball. Crowds of people in small canals and ally’s I feel like I’m in the way. And I am.

This morning I decided to beat the madness and get up early, 6am before the cruse ships unloads and the sun gets too hot. This run felt much better and I was able to keep moving and enjoy the surroundings a lot more.

I will say I’m really missing the barbell and craving verity in my workouts but what I’m lacking in verity in working out I’m gaining it in new city’s and towns.

Back to Running and Handstand

3.3 mile run
5 minutes of handstand hold practice
Score: 29:02

After a few weeks of bodyweight and short distance running it felt great to get out and go for a longer run. Layering handstand work under fatigue was great practice and nice to work my shoulder a little.

The beginning of the run felt slow due to a long day of travel and not much sleep. After mile 2 my body finally adapted and I was able to pick up the pace on the back half of the run.

More Burpees

AMRAP in 18 minutes: 
5 Burpees
10 Pistols
15 V-ups
200 meter run

Score: 12+6

Burpees are hard to avoid especially when I don’t have any equipment to use. It’s always a love hate with this movement but they are a great full body movement.

This morning I decided to incorporate pistols into the workout. Small sets of 10 didn’t feel too painful the first half, but they added up towards the end. I slowed down but was able to keep moving.

V-ups and running were a nice little break. Lucky for me the 18 minutes went by quickly because I was never on one movement long enough to be annoyed.

When all You Can do is Run


1.5 mile (up hill) run
4 Rounds of
25 no push-ups burpees
Max handstand holds
1.5 mile (down hill) run

Score: 28:15

There is nothing like running in a new town/city/country to get to know a place especially when its your only option. With no Crossfit gyms in the area I’m making the best of what I have for fitness.

The mile and half run up hill felt like a perfect warm-up. The hills were a slow incline which was a nice change from San Francisco running. Once I got to the top I knew I needed a little more so the 4 rounds felt taxing but manageable.

I decided to do no push-up burpees because of the gravel on the ground and the warm surface was less than idea. It turned out to be much faster but worked my shoulders and core more than I had expected.

As for the handstand holds, I did the best I could. It’s nice to practice this movement under fatigue, my times ranged from 4-13 seconds, which I was happy with. Overall fantastic way to say my day.

Keep on Running

Workout: For time
3.9 mile (hill run)
5 minute Handstand work

Score: 32:05

After adjusting a little more with the 9 hour time difference, this mornings 6am run didn’t feel as painful even though it was all up hill.

The main focus was being aware of my form, staying on my toes during the inclines, while dropping my arms, and focusing on my breathing. One great thing about running in a new location is there are tons of new vista points to keep me distracted.

Handstand work is improving slowly but still needs a lot of work. Practicing on uneven surface has been helpful but a little painful on the hands. Either way its great to be inverted and work the shoulders a little with all the running I have (and will be doing) the next 3 months.

The Next 10 Weeks

Workout: For time:
3.5 mile run
Then directly into 8 minutes of Handstand practice

Time: 33:05

My husband and I decided to take the summer (10 weeks) to travel with our family of 5 to Europe. We will have limited equipment therefore lots of running and handstand work. Staying active is a must.

Today’s workout was simple but effective, run with handstand work. Running is a skill I need to work on along with being inverted. Being able to do both in a new county with different scenery makes the workout less painful.

Let hope by the end of these next 10 weeks handstand holds and walking are more manageable.