Travel Day WOD

12 rounds for time
125 stair repeats

Score: 19:45

On travel days I like to breath and sweat as much as possible. I know I will spend the rest of the day sitting and not moving. No better way to burn calories than on a stair run. 

The incline spikes the heart along with burns the legs and lungs. This particular set of stairs is built on a cliff leading down to the beach in the Algarve. They felt steeper and a little more unstable than the ones I’m use to but I couldn’t have asked for a better recover view on the day down. 

Perfect workout to start my travel day. 


Hang Power Cleans (95lbs)
Box Jumps (20”)
250 meter run after each round

Time: 20:14

My goal for today’s workout was, use a barbell, get outside and work on box jumps. I came up with this piece. Only having 30 minutes it was perfect amount of work. Running felt like it took up the most time and definitely spiked my heart rate.

I broke the Hang Power Cleans (HPC) in half for the first 3 rounds, then went unbronken for the last 5 rounds. The HPC taxed my grip but its great to work on. Box Jumps felt fine, I was able to move through them and breath at the top.

The run felt long and slow. It was definitely slow and my legs felt heavy but it was nice to get outside and enjoy the little bit of sun that was coming through.

Perfect nap time workout.

Double Under Efficiency

3 Rounds
15 Power cleans (85 lbs)
20 Push-ups

2 Rounds
2 Minutes Air bike
75 Double-unders

1 Round
1 mile run

Score: 17:29

Fitting in a workout today has been a struggle. Its 9:30 pm, everyone is asleep which means I have the garage to myself.

I’m determined to work out. All these movements I enjoy and it’s a longer piece which means I don’t have to sprint. I hate sprits. Hate. Anyways, this workout is very straight forward. All movements done unbroken even the Double-unders, however after playing back the video I have realized how inefficient I am with this movement. Its clear need to work on keeping my jump lower to the ground and my arms to my sides. This will come in time, right now I’m just using extra energy.

I would like to note that this workout was designed to do 21 calories on the airbike. My bike stopped working in the middle of the workout so I decided to work for 2 minutes which I normally can get 21 cals accomplished no problem.  

Glad to have this workout done and now it’s time for bed.

Much Needed Time Off

After my slight case of rabo, I decided to take it easy and rest my body for a little over a week. Besides walking and a little core work I let my body recover until now.

For my first workout back felt slow and long, and it was. All three movements are low skill and intend to get my body moving.

4 Rounds for time:
12 Box jumps (24/20 in)
21 Front squats (125/85 lbs)
500 meter run

Time: 16:30

The most humbling part about this workout was how weak and slow my body still felt. I was no longer sore and my body felt rested, however, I didn’t have the ability to push or pick up the pace like I would normally have tried to do. This was eye opening and also means I might need to give myself a little more time to recover.

Keep Moving

Perfect morning workout to jump right into, only 1 piece of equipment needed and you are ready to go.

Not all workouts need to be soul and body crushing. I personally perfer to keep things lights and quick for about 60% of the time.

The most dynamic component to this workout is the Kettlebell snatches I had to break this movement up into 2 sets every round. During the rest I would count to 5 and get right back to the Kettlebell to finish up.

AMRAP in 16 minutes
9 Burpee Pull-ups
18 Alternating Kettlebell Snatches (1.5/1p)
47 Russian twists
Rest 3 minutes the:
3 Rounds:
200 meter Run
30 Shoulder taps

My goal this morning was keep moving and this workout helped me complete that goal in under 22 minutes.

Keep Stepping

Sunny and sore morning calls for a nice and easy stair run. After taxing my upper body with all the bar muscle-ups it was time to use my lungs and legs.

Luckily for me there is a perfect set of 100 stairs just a block from my house. It makes it quick and easy for me to squeeze a short and intense outdoor workout into my morning before I start my day.

I have been doing this simple yet effective stair run for 5 years and every time (still!) my calves get sore. It also works my lungs like none other. Perfect way to start my Saturday.

15 Rounds for time:
100 Steps (down)
100 Steps (up)

Score: 13:12

Watch your Step

Working out while traveling can be difficult to find time or a locations. The easiest option is running, especially when in an urban city. Find a direction you haven’t explored yet and go. Keep running until you have seen enough or it gets too hot (which is what made me stop).

Finding new spots along the running route is an added perk try to make note of where they are so you can head back. One last tip make sure you watch your step, the terrain can be different than back home, the cobble stone streets get me every time.

Workout: 3.5 mile Run

Score: 24:34

Running in New Places

After 2 days of rest I was ready to get my body moving. No matter where I travel I always love finding time to explore on my feet. For this run I incorporated push-ups and handstand walking practice.

I took advantage of the practically empty golf course as places to work on a skill that needs lot of work, handstand walking. It felt great to be inverted and running in the tropical heat of the Caribbean. It felt even better to jump into the water after my workout.

45 minute run:
*Every 5 minutes stop and do 15 push-ups
*Half way through the run, stop and practice handstand walking for 10 minutes.

Score: unknown distance

Keep Moving

With my back still tight, another day of running seemed like the perfect option. It’s 5am dark, cold and wet but the sooner I get started the sooner it will be over.

I don’t run far, which is fine with me since there are plenty of hill in the way to slow me down and push my quads and lungs. Getting started is hard, but once I have made it out the door I know I can complete these next 3 miles.

3.5 Mile Run

Score: 26:32

Today’s workout might not be the best or close to the hardest. Continuing to move is what’s most important at this stage in my life.