Double Under Efficiency

3 Rounds
15 Power cleans (85 lbs)
20 Push-ups

2 Rounds
2 Minutes Air bike
75 Double-unders

1 Round
1 mile run

Score: 17:29

Fitting in a workout today has been a struggle. Its 9:30 pm, everyone is asleep which means I have the garage to myself.

I’m determined to work out. All these movements I enjoy and it’s a longer piece which means I don’t have to sprint. I hate sprits. Hate. Anyways, this workout is very straight forward. All movements done unbroken even the Double-unders, however after playing back the video I have realized how inefficient I am with this movement. Its clear need to work on keeping my jump lower to the ground and my arms to my sides. This will come in time, right now I’m just using extra energy.

I would like to note that this workout was designed to do 21 calories on the airbike. My bike stopped working in the middle of the workout so I decided to work for 2 minutes which I normally can get 21 cals accomplished no problem.  

Glad to have this workout done and now it’s time for bed.

Can you Hold it?

“The Chief”
5 Rounds
AMRAP in 3 minutes:
3 Power Cleans (135/95 lbs)
6 Push-ups
9 Air Squats
Rest 1 minute between rounds

Score: 26 + 2

The key is not going out too hot. Starting at a pace you can hold. To be honest that’s normally the strategy for most workouts and one I have a hard time following.

Round 1-4: I held onto 5 rounds plus 3 reps, on the 5th round I picked up the pace and gave it all I had left. In the end, my strategy was simple but it paid off. The workout wasn’t too painful and I knew after my second round that I could hold this speed and I did.

All movements were unbroken since they were such small sets. Transition time could have been faster since there are many of them. I will have work on that next time I retest this workout.

Running in New Places

After 2 days of rest I was ready to get my body moving. No matter where I travel I always love finding time to explore on my feet. For this run I incorporated push-ups and handstand walking practice.

I took advantage of the practically empty golf course as places to work on a skill that needs lot of work, handstand walking. It felt great to be inverted and running in the tropical heat of the Caribbean. It felt even better to jump into the water after my workout.

45 minute run:
*Every 5 minutes stop and do 15 push-ups
*Half way through the run, stop and practice handstand walking for 10 minutes.

Score: unknown distance

No Hinging

Today’s workout is based around protecting my lower back due to yesterday injury. I’m feeling better however I’m going to avoid hinging for the rest of the week.

This was a quick mindless workout that I was able to jump right into. No real pain points other than having to switch up my hand positions to keep myself moving on the the Push-ups.

Perfect flush workout that didn’t take too much time. Most importantly my back was pain free.

For Time:
100 Double-unders, 50 Reverse lunges, 25 Push-ups
80 Double-unders, 40 Reverse lunges, 20 Push-ups
60 Double-unders, 30 Reverse lunges, 15 Push-ups
40 Double-unders, 20 Reverse lunges, 10 Push-ups
20 Double-unders, 10 Reverse lunges, 5 Push-ups

Score: 9:09

My Go to Workout

When I only have about 15 minutes and want a hard sweaty workout. This one never fails.

For time:
25 Man Makers (1 pood Per hand)

*Man Maker: One kettlebell in each hand, perform 1 push-up, 1 Renegade row on the left side, 1 Renegade row on the right side, 1 more push-up, into a burpee, then into a thruster. Once the thruster has been completed, repeat the series.

Score: 9:36

Since I had 5 extra minutes I decided to do Abs. I try and fit in abs 4 times a week but that doesn’t always happen. When I do have time at the end of a workout, this is my go to.

5 rounds for quality
10 Hollow rocks
10 V-ups
10 Tuck-ups
10 second Hollow hold
30 second rest

This ab workout is call Durantes Core, its was design by a gymnast who is incredibly fit and has amazing core strength, something I could always use more of.