It’s Good to be Back

5 Rounds for time: 
600 Meter Hill run
21 Cals Air Bike
21 Toes-to-Rings

Score: 20:12

Being back at my home gym is a great feeling so is using and Air Bike and Rings. This longer piece is what I needed. Was able to do all 21 Toes-to-rings unbroken which I will feel my core tomorrow.

The Air Bike got spicy. I tried my best to stick to a pace I could maintain through the workout and only fell off a few second each round. It’s great to be home and back to a normal workout routine, however it’s going to take some time to get my body feeling as strong, but it will happen.

Weights at Last

6 rounds for time: 
10 Dumbbell Squat Snatches (36 lbs)
5 Manmakers

Score: 18:43

First time in over 2 months I have finally had access to weights. Man makers is a go to movement for me, and I personally love Dumbbell squat snatches so it seemed like a solid workout.

Big mistake. This workout was painful and slow. Had break the DB snatches in half after the first round and all of the man makers were singles.

My focus was quick transitions and 5 second breaks between each reps. The weights felt heavier then I remembered but it was nice to pick something up from the ground.

I’m definitely going to be sore and I welcome it.

Baby Hands

4 Rounds for time: 
25 Box jumps (16 inches)
20 Burpees
15 Ring Dips
15 Pull-ups

Score: 16:21

Found a workout center 1/2 mile from my house in Lisbon and was excited to take advantage of the facilities. Made this workout up on the fly since I only had 30 minutes total to workout.

Was able to get right into it using the 1/2 mile as my warm-up. This workout felt steady. The dips and pull-ups seemed like a rest for me since my sets were small averaging reps of 5’s all the way down to singles.

Its clear my pulling and dipping skills are lacking and my hands tore on rep number 48 leaving me with 12 very painful strict pull-ups to finish the workout.

I ended up ripping my hands in 3 places. Returning to a gym is going to be challenging.

Glutes and Lungs

For time: 
Hollow Rock
Jumping Lunges

Score: 20:56

Had to get a little creative during nap time. This workout starts out quick for the first couple rounds then slowed down in a real hurry. 

Once I got to the round of 15’s I thought I would never finish. Lucky for me I was able to push through and focus on one movement at a time. 

Jumping lunges were by far the most challenging movement. They are hard on my glutes and lungs but both of those areas I need work on so I was happy to work them into my rotation.

Traveling and working out has been challenging I’m definitely missing a barbell but something is always better than nothing at all.

Travel Day WOD

12 rounds for time
125 stair repeats

Score: 19:45

On travel days I like to breath and sweat as much as possible. I know I will spend the rest of the day sitting and not moving. No better way to burn calories than on a stair run. 

The incline spikes the heart along with burns the legs and lungs. This particular set of stairs is built on a cliff leading down to the beach in the Algarve. They felt steeper and a little more unstable than the ones I’m use to but I couldn’t have asked for a better recover view on the day down. 

Perfect workout to start my travel day. 

Pula Run Croatia

4.2 mile run

Score: 29:52

Went on a little longer run today which felt great. I tried to focus on my running form and keep a consistent pace. The run was flat on on the water front in Croatia so it made for a nice view. Since it was early enough in the morning the town was less crowded and I could focus my stride and less on avoiding people which was nice for a change.

Handstand hold practice continues and today a swim to cool down. 

Keep on Running

4.89 Mile run
Score: 40:02

Running in Venice or any major city during the summer months feels a little like dodge ball. Crowds of people in small canals and ally’s I feel like I’m in the way. And I am.

This morning I decided to beat the madness and get up early, 6am before the cruse ships unloads and the sun gets too hot. This run felt much better and I was able to keep moving and enjoy the surroundings a lot more.

I will say I’m really missing the barbell and craving verity in my workouts but what I’m lacking in verity in working out I’m gaining it in new city’s and towns.

Back to Running and Handstand

3.3 mile run
5 minutes of handstand hold practice
Score: 29:02

After a few weeks of bodyweight and short distance running it felt great to get out and go for a longer run. Layering handstand work under fatigue was great practice and nice to work my shoulder a little.

The beginning of the run felt slow due to a long day of travel and not much sleep. After mile 2 my body finally adapted and I was able to pick up the pace on the back half of the run.