Team WOD

16 minute EMOM 
1 minute of Box jumps (20 inches)
1 minute of Toes to bar
1 minute of max handstand walking
1 minute of Ring dips

Rest 3 minutes Max effort L-hold

Score: 36 seconds

My husband and I stumbled upon this outdoors fitness center on our way to the beach. Lucky for us we had workout close handy so we took advantage of this opportunity. This EMOM workout came together quickly since we knew what we both wanted to focus on and had limited time since out kids were planning on going to the beach. 

The dips and toes to bar were by far the two moments I struggled most with, breaking both into small sets of 2 or 3s on the last 20 seconds of each round. 

The L-hold at the end was a nice finisher. I was happy to keep my form for 36 second and I feel like a minute is in my future once I put a little more effort in. 

Never Ending Lunges

EMOM for 20 minutes
20 Jumping Lunges 
20 V-ups
*At the top of every minute 5 burpees 

Score: 16+5

This one is going to hurt tomorrow. Jumping lunges isn’t a movement I do very often and now I know why. They hurt and get your heart rate up.

This was a great combination of movements, the lunges were fast but intense and the V-ups let the heart recover but became slower over time. Burpees were annoying, but 5 was manageable.

I definitely wasn’t able to go unbroken on anything besides the burpees, my goal was to do one round each minute but that didn’t happen. As I began to fall off target I tried to stay consistent and give myself a little built-in rest each round which really helped in the back half of the workout. I’m not going to want to do lunges for a while after this.

Working out with an Audince

This morning my alarm went off and so did my two boys. Since I was determined to workout and was already dressed. I rolled the dice and brought the boys downstairs along with 2 bags of Cheerios. 6:45am is not a normal wake up time for my kids so needed to make this workout fast.

EMOM for 21 minutes:
1 Minute of wall-balls (20lbs)
1 Minute of Push-press (65lbs)
1 Minute of Air Bike
1 Minute of rest

Score: Consistent on every movement, 23 wall-balls, 23 Push-press, and 11 cals on the Air bike each round.

Simple workouts like these are perfect for the rushed mornings. Low skill, little equipment and a built in 1 minute rest to tend to the kids. I’m just happy they made it through and proud of myself for sticking to my workout plan. Win, win.