Baby Hands

4 Rounds for time: 
25 Box jumps (16 inches)
20 Burpees
15 Ring Dips
15 Pull-ups

Score: 16:21

Found a workout center 1/2 mile from my house in Lisbon and was excited to take advantage of the facilities. Made this workout up on the fly since I only had 30 minutes total to workout.

Was able to get right into it using the 1/2 mile as my warm-up. This workout felt steady. The dips and pull-ups seemed like a rest for me since my sets were small averaging reps of 5’s all the way down to singles.

Its clear my pulling and dipping skills are lacking and my hands tore on rep number 48 leaving me with 12 very painful strict pull-ups to finish the workout.

I ended up ripping my hands in 3 places. Returning to a gym is going to be challenging.

Team WOD

16 minute EMOM 
1 minute of Box jumps (20 inches)
1 minute of Toes to bar
1 minute of max handstand walking
1 minute of Ring dips

Rest 3 minutes Max effort L-hold

Score: 36 seconds

My husband and I stumbled upon this outdoors fitness center on our way to the beach. Lucky for us we had workout close handy so we took advantage of this opportunity. This EMOM workout came together quickly since we knew what we both wanted to focus on and had limited time since out kids were planning on going to the beach. 

The dips and toes to bar were by far the two moments I struggled most with, breaking both into small sets of 2 or 3s on the last 20 seconds of each round. 

The L-hold at the end was a nice finisher. I was happy to keep my form for 36 second and I feel like a minute is in my future once I put a little more effort in. 

Filthy Fifty-ish

For time: 
50 Box jumps (16 inches?) (3 septs)
50 Strict Pull-ups
50 Jumping lunges
50 Tuck-ups
50 Arch-ups
50 Jumping Air squats
50 Burpees 

Score: 13:42

Running out of body weight workouts to do, then this one popped up. The original Filthy Fifty has kettlebell swings and Double under but I modified this version to accommodate what I had.

This workout was exactly as expected, painful at times, slow on the pull-ups and jumping lunges, but fantastic bodyweight workout I was able to squeeze in before the kids got up and the tempter got too hot.


Hang Power Cleans (95lbs)
Box Jumps (20”)
250 meter run after each round

Time: 20:14

My goal for today’s workout was, use a barbell, get outside and work on box jumps. I came up with this piece. Only having 30 minutes it was perfect amount of work. Running felt like it took up the most time and definitely spiked my heart rate.

I broke the Hang Power Cleans (HPC) in half for the first 3 rounds, then went unbronken for the last 5 rounds. The HPC taxed my grip but its great to work on. Box Jumps felt fine, I was able to move through them and breath at the top.

The run felt long and slow. It was definitely slow and my legs felt heavy but it was nice to get outside and enjoy the little bit of sun that was coming through.

Perfect nap time workout.

Back to Back Sprints

Power Snatches (85lbs)
Box jumps (24 inches)
Directly into:
Overhead Squats (85lbs)
Lateral Burpees over the bar

Score: 12:12

It was hard to get going on this morning workout. I felt like I was resting too long after my short set, and I was. I broke the sets into 5-5-5, 4-4-4, 4-5 on the power snatches and unbroken on the Overhead Squats. Everything else I was able to move right through.

Both pieces took around the same time a little over 6 minutes. Next time I will build up to a heavier Snatch and Overhead squat to open my shoulds up a little more.

Much Needed Time Off

After my slight case of rabo, I decided to take it easy and rest my body for a little over a week. Besides walking and a little core work I let my body recover until now.

For my first workout back felt slow and long, and it was. All three movements are low skill and intend to get my body moving.

4 Rounds for time:
12 Box jumps (24/20 in)
21 Front squats (125/85 lbs)
500 meter run

Time: 16:30

The most humbling part about this workout was how weak and slow my body still felt. I was no longer sore and my body felt rested, however, I didn’t have the ability to push or pick up the pace like I would normally have tried to do. This was eye opening and also means I might need to give myself a little more time to recover.

Lock it Out

Workout #3 of the 2019 CrossFit Open introduced a new movement; strict handstand push-ups. I’m normally thrilled to have a gymnastics movement in the mix but these are my least favorite.

Let’s break down this workout, Dumbbell overhead walking lunges are just awkward and slow, I switched arms every 25ft which kept me moving.
Dumbbell box step ups were not horrible besides the first 10, transitioning from the lungs to a weighted step-up was painful at first but my legs came around.

It was all about finishing the lunges and step ups as fast as I could to give myself as much time as possible on the wall. I completed 20 HSPU in 3:45 with several no reps. To be honest it was the goal I set in my head before starting the workout. looking back at my form, I could have moved my hands 3 inches off the wall, this would have prevented me from falling off as much as I did. Guess I will need to rest the workout another time.

For Time:
200ft. Dumbbell Overhead Walking Lunge (50/35lbs)
50 Dumbbell Box Step-ups (50/35lbs)
50 Strict Handstand Push-ups
200 ft. Handstand Walk

10 minute cap. If not completed, record total reps.

Score: 110
Tie break 6:15

Painful Morning Session

Cold, dark, wet, early, tired the list of reasons not to workout could go on forever. After hitting snooze several times I decided to suck in up and workout even if its not my best performance.

Feeling pressed to get this workout done. I jumped into this sprint and it took me 2 rounds to finally feel warm. Even if it wasn’t my best performance, I made time for myself, my health and I made it to the office on time. Win, win!

4 Rounds for Time:
21 Deadlifts (95lbs)
15 Box Jump Overs (20″)
9 Push Jerks (95lbs)

Score: 9:09