Barbell and Burpees

This is a very tough workout to do early in the morning. Lift 105lbs overhead before 6:30am I normally avoid. For some reason I was feeling rested and healthy, so I gave it a go.

With a little mobility and warm up I was able to tackle this workout as planned.
Push through all 15 burpees.
Complete 11 Deadlifts then rest. 8 Hang power cleans then rest, and 6 push-jerks and rest.

By stopping one rep before the next movement gave me a second to breath and make it so I didn’t have to do an additional rep. For example, starting the push-jerks I need to hang power clean the barbell to the rack position for the jerk. Therefor I could stop one rep short and still get all the reps in.

5 rounds every 5 minutes for 25 minutes:
15 Burpees
12 Deadlifts (155/105lbs)
9 Hang Power Cleans (155/105lbs)
6 Push Jerks (155/105lbs)

Score: Completed every round under 3 minutes.

I enjoyed this workout and I was able to complete it becasue I had a little more flexibility with time this morning, which was nice for a change.

London Drop in

For time:
60 Wallballs 14 lbs
50 Power Snatches 65 lbs
40 Toes to bar
30 Overhead Squats 65 lbs
20 Lateral bar over burpees
10 Bar Muscle-ups

Score: 21:11 RX

Being in a new space can be intimidating, the equipment is almost always different, bars can be slippery, but I find it great to challenge myself and see other athletes. This particular box was underground with a night club feel. It had all modern equipment and the coach got straight into the workout (my kind of coach).

3,2,1 go…..Wallballs felt fine. I did sets of 10. Snatches took forever with sets up 5. They felt very heavy and I was moving slow but stuck to my plan. Toes-to-bar I did sets of 8. This movement felt very challenging, my grip on the bar was the main issue and I struggled to hold on. Overhead squats sets of 10, I finally felt more warmed up at this point. Lateral bar burpees just got my heart rate up so I tried to say steady. Keep moving but not push too hard because the bar MU was next.

This is when the workout started to kick my ass. I failed my first 2 attempts at the bar MU. My body was beat. With the pressure of the clock ticking away I finally got a set of 2 MU after one solid minute of rest. Feeling more confident with a few MU under my belt I began to chip away until I was done. Bar MU have never felt so hard, I definitely need to do more of these under extreme fatigue like this.

Overall a fantastic workout and a great way to start the day before site-seeing, eating and drinking my way through London.

Did Not Finish

Getting a score of DNF next to my name is challenging, especially when I know I could have completed the last 3 reps of the workout.

This post is humbling and I contemplated whether I should post it. After much thought, I decided I wanted to be as authentic as possible even if it wasn’t my best performance.

This mornings workout was rare, I was able to exercise at the CrossFit box I use to train in, and occasionally coach at. I happened to be coaching Sunday’s classes so I decided to get a workout in before classes started.

Whenever I get to workout in a fully equipped gym my main objective is to use equipment I don’t have at home and to lift heavier than I could at my house (since I can’t drop the weights from overhead at home). This was the workout I decided to tackle:

For time:
27 Cals on the rower, 27 Toes-to-bar
21 Cals on the rower, 21 Chest-to-bar
15 Cals on the rower, 15 Bar Muscle ups
Directly into……..
8 Clean and Jerks @ 110lbs
4 Clean and Jerks @ 123lbs
2 Clean and Jerks @ 135lbs
1 Clean and Jerks @ 145lbs

Score: DNF

This style of workout had me excited. It was the perfect combination of lifting and gymnastics. Everything was moving along fine until the first clean at 135lbs. I pulled the bar 3 inches off the ground and my back lit up. I immediately dropped the bar. This type of back spasm has happened 2 times before so I was familiar with the feeling. It’s a minor injury that I know will heal, but not being able to complete a workout I had set my eyes on really bothered me.

For the next week I will be avoiding any hinging and heavy weights. I will also be making an appointment for a Physical therapist, which makes me feel old. lol.

I’ve Got This

EMOM for 20 minutes
5 Pause Overhead Squats (115/80lbs)
12 Burpees
5 Toes to rings, 10 Kettlebell snatches (1.5/1p)
20 meter Hand stand walk
15 Hollow Rocks

I have never been a morning person. I’m still not. But somehow it’s the only time I have to workout that doesn’t affect my family’s schedule too much. When the alarm goes off I take a deep breath and roll out of bed. And I’m a happier person for it.

Today was no different. It was challenging to motivate but knowing I had a partner to suffer with me this morning, my husband Jeremy, made it easier to get going.

Now I know why people write motivational sayings on their bathroom mirror. Times like these.

Painful Morning Session

Cold, dark, wet, early, tired the list of reasons not to workout could go on forever. After hitting snooze several times I decided to suck in up and workout even if its not my best performance.

Feeling pressed to get this workout done. I jumped into this sprint and it took me 2 rounds to finally feel warm. Even if it wasn’t my best performance, I made time for myself, my health and I made it to the office on time. Win, win!

4 Rounds for Time:
21 Deadlifts (95lbs)
15 Box Jump Overs (20″)
9 Push Jerks (95lbs)

Score: 9:09

Sprint to the Finish

This mornings workout was a fun one. Three quick sprints with descending reps and weighs. I suggest doing a round of 6 reps of each movement before jumping into the workout so it’s not a total shock to the body.

Lungs and lower body caught up with me. Squatting every other movement hurt, with a combination of the body weight movement made this workout intense, quickly. Definitely a workout I would like to retest in the evening instead of 6am. Overall glad I was able to get the workout in before the family woke up.

For time: 
Double-Unders (90-60-30)
Front Squats (95lbs)
Hang Squat cleans (85lbs)
Bar facing burpees
Thrusters (65lbs)

Score 15:01

Slow and Steady

I’m on a 10 day workout stretch so this was a perfect amount of work to keep the body moving. The original workout I wanted to do had Assault Bike instead of box jumps. With the loud 80’s Airdyne from my grandmother I try not to use it in the morning, so I don’t wake up the family. Box jumps is a great alternative and really works the legs heading into the Push Jerks.

AMRAP in 15 minutes
60 Double-Unders
30 Box Jumps (20″)
10 Push Jerks (85lbs)

Score: 4 rounds

Fast and easy flush workout. I was surprised how much I felt my legs on the Push-Jerks after the Box Jumps, for me that was the most challenging part of the workout. Since I don’t own a box I found that stacking plates to the desired box height works just fine. Its a pain for set up and clean up but it turns into part of my warm-up and cool-down.