AMRAP in 18 minutes:
8 Thrusters (85lbs)
10 Toes to rings
12 Burpees

Score: 9+16

This longer workout didn’t start hurting until the 5th round. At that point my lungs and my core started to feel it taxed and I began to dread the thrusters.

The reps were low and the rounds were short only 30 reps total. Everything was unbroken however the rest between sets got longer and longer. Which is to be expected.

Overall get workout and easy to jump right into if you are limited with time, and working the core is always a big bonus.

All about the Posterior

For time:
1 mile run
Then 10 rounds of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Kettlebell Snatches (1p)
15 Deadlifts (105 lbs)
1 mile run

Score: 33:36

With some upcoming travel and knowing I will have limited access to equipment, I programmed this workout with this in mind: movement I hate (deadlifts) movement that needs work (Pull-ups) and a movement that is full body (KB snatches).

This workout felt long and slow, and it was. I dreaded the deadlift each round, they were painful but glad to have the exposure. I made it through the entire 10 rounds unbroken until the last set of snatches and Deadlifts.

The ring pull-ups were half kipping and half butterfly, I struggled to keep a good rhythm. This movement use to be my strongest but I have fallen off the past year. Snatches spiked my heart and tired out my posterior chain but this movement was relatively smooth.

It’s good to get longer pieces like these in, I normally don’t have the time today was a rare occasion when the kids were napping and I had a full hour to myself and I took every second of it.


Hang Power Cleans (95lbs)
Box Jumps (20”)
250 meter run after each round

Time: 20:14

My goal for today’s workout was, use a barbell, get outside and work on box jumps. I came up with this piece. Only having 30 minutes it was perfect amount of work. Running felt like it took up the most time and definitely spiked my heart rate.

I broke the Hang Power Cleans (HPC) in half for the first 3 rounds, then went unbronken for the last 5 rounds. The HPC taxed my grip but its great to work on. Box Jumps felt fine, I was able to move through them and breath at the top.

The run felt long and slow. It was definitely slow and my legs felt heavy but it was nice to get outside and enjoy the little bit of sun that was coming through.

Perfect nap time workout.

Black Jack


Toes to rings
Deadlifts (155 lbs)

5 Burpees after each round

Score: 10:38

Love this style of workout, it plays with my mind especially when I’m doing a movement that I don’t enjoy (Deadlifts). This workout was designed to just be toes to rings and DL but I added in burpees to tax my core a little more and it worked.

The trunk is the foundation of any movement and I feel it is not talked about as often as it could be. This couplet is a total of 160 reps, and in a relativly short time frame. I recommend keeping your equipment close together and making your transitions as quick as possible.

This is a perfect workout to do if you are short on time. Which I was this evening.

Try it and let me know what you think.

Double Under Efficiency

3 Rounds
15 Power cleans (85 lbs)
20 Push-ups

2 Rounds
2 Minutes Air bike
75 Double-unders

1 Round
1 mile run

Score: 17:29

Fitting in a workout today has been a struggle. Its 9:30 pm, everyone is asleep which means I have the garage to myself.

I’m determined to work out. All these movements I enjoy and it’s a longer piece which means I don’t have to sprint. I hate sprits. Hate. Anyways, this workout is very straight forward. All movements done unbroken even the Double-unders, however after playing back the video I have realized how inefficient I am with this movement. Its clear need to work on keeping my jump lower to the ground and my arms to my sides. This will come in time, right now I’m just using extra energy.

I would like to note that this workout was designed to do 21 calories on the airbike. My bike stopped working in the middle of the workout so I decided to work for 2 minutes which I normally can get 21 cals accomplished no problem.  

Glad to have this workout done and now it’s time for bed.

Fight Gone Bad ish

EMOM for 17 minutes: 3 rounds
1 Minute Front Squats (55 lbs)
1 Minute Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (55 lbs)
1 Minute Ring rows
1 Minute Push Press (55 lbs)
1 Minute Burpees
1 Minute Rest

Score: 350 Reps

This style of workout is the most painful for me. It’s all lightweight so everything is unbroken (besides the ring rows) and its a total cardo blast which I secretly love but I hit redline every time, which is what this workout is intended to do.

My strategy was to work for 45 seconds and give myself 15 seconds rest/transitions on each movement besides the burpees.

Here’s the breakdown: Front squats, no problem keep them slow and steady. Same with SDLHP’s it’s a lot of hinging but I know I can push through. Minute 3 is what killed me every round, ring row I ended up breaking each round in sets of 5’s 4’s and 3’s it wasn’t pretty.

I was able to gain some ground on the Push-presses. This is a much easier movement and a lower range of motion which I tried to use as my advantage. Last but not least burpees. The name of the game just kept moving. I know after this movement I would have a minute rest so I could push through.

This style workout as me on my back every time, which is the intent. Tomorrow REST DAY!

Time Cap

Team of 2:
3 rounds
400-meter run (together)
50 Bar Facing Burpees
9 Rope Climbs

Directly into:
21 Clean and Jerks (115/85 lbs)
21 Clean and Jerks (135/95 lbs)
21 Clean and Jerks (155/105 lbs)
21 Clean and Jerks (185/125 lbs)
21 Clean and Jerks (205/135 lbs)

Score: 66 reps of the Clean and Jerks

This workout is all about the Clean and Jerks. We finished the first part in 15 minutes flat, which gave us 15 minutes to get in as many C&J as possible. My partner and I decided to do single on the jerks which was the right strategy for us. These reps were slow and felt very heavy from the beginning.

My main focus was on my bracing, breathing and keeping my form while I was under such fatigue.

Overall great workout, and a perfect combination after not touching a barbell for a few weeks.


2 mile run
Then directly into:

Bench Press
10 @ 55 % (75 lbs)
8 @ 65 % (95 lbs)
6 @ 75% (105 lbs)
4 @ 85 % (123 lbs)
2 @ 95% (135 lbs)
1 @ 100% (143 lbs)

Bench is not a movement I do often, I don’t program it in and I normally do it about 4 times a year which is not enough. However, it’s one of my favorite movements especially on a rest day or when I’m not in a fully outfitted gym which is my current situation.

After the 2 mile run, I was feeling warmed up so I jumped right into the bench press. If felt great all the way through until the last few rounds. I have clearly fallen off my PR of 148 which I couldn’t hit, but I know its good to be under heavyweights like this and I should try and do it more often.

London Drop in

For time:
60 Wallballs 14 lbs
50 Power Snatches 65 lbs
40 Toes to bar
30 Overhead Squats 65 lbs
20 Lateral bar over burpees
10 Bar Muscle-ups

Score: 21:11 RX

Being in a new space can be intimidating, the equipment is almost always different, bars can be slippery, but I find it great to challenge myself and see other athletes. This particular box was underground with a night club feel. It had all modern equipment and the coach got straight into the workout (my kind of coach).

3,2,1 go…..Wallballs felt fine. I did sets of 10. Snatches took forever with sets up 5. They felt very heavy and I was moving slow but stuck to my plan. Toes-to-bar I did sets of 8. This movement felt very challenging, my grip on the bar was the main issue and I struggled to hold on. Overhead squats sets of 10, I finally felt more warmed up at this point. Lateral bar burpees just got my heart rate up so I tried to say steady. Keep moving but not push too hard because the bar MU was next.

This is when the workout started to kick my ass. I failed my first 2 attempts at the bar MU. My body was beat. With the pressure of the clock ticking away I finally got a set of 2 MU after one solid minute of rest. Feeling more confident with a few MU under my belt I began to chip away until I was done. Bar MU have never felt so hard, I definitely need to do more of these under extreme fatigue like this.

Overall a fantastic workout and a great way to start the day before site-seeing, eating and drinking my way through London.

Upper and Lower Body

For Time:

A) 200 Meter Run, 2 Front Squats (115 lbs)
200 Meter Run, 4 Front Squats
200 Meter Run, 6 Front Squats
200 Meter Run, 8 Front Squats
200 Meter Run, 10 Front Squat

Rest 3 minutes then………

B) 200 Meter Run, 10 Front Squats (95 lbs)
200 Meter Run, 8 Front Squats
200 Meter Run, 6 Front Squats
200 Meter Run, 4 Front Squats
200 Meter Run, 2 Front Squats

C) 10 minutes of Handstand walking practice

Score: Part A) 7:38, Part B) 6:40 C) 15 foot walk

This workout was all legs and lungs. The barbell reps were low (30 per round) and I was able to go unbroken all the way through. I will say my transitions onto the barbell was not fast especially on the bigger sets of 8’s and 10’s. The squats were not heavy at first but with the combination of running up Hill and squatting with load, my legs definitely felt like jelly when I was done.  

This is a fast sprint so every second count on this workout. Its been a while since I have done a sprit like this and it felt good to get a quick hard workout in this morning.

During my cool down I had an extra 10 minutes so I decided to work a different muscle group by doing Handstand walking. I Felt a little off today but its great to be inverted and keep practicing this skill.