It’s Good to be Back

5 Rounds for time: 
600 Meter Hill run
21 Cals Air Bike
21 Toes-to-Rings

Score: 20:12

Being back at my home gym is a great feeling so is using and Air Bike and Rings. This longer piece is what I needed. Was able to do all 21 Toes-to-rings unbroken which I will feel my core tomorrow.

The Air Bike got spicy. I tried my best to stick to a pace I could maintain through the workout and only fell off a few second each round. It’s great to be home and back to a normal workout routine, however it’s going to take some time to get my body feeling as strong, but it will happen.

Double Under Efficiency

3 Rounds
15 Power cleans (85 lbs)
20 Push-ups

2 Rounds
2 Minutes Air bike
75 Double-unders

1 Round
1 mile run

Score: 17:29

Fitting in a workout today has been a struggle. Its 9:30 pm, everyone is asleep which means I have the garage to myself.

I’m determined to work out. All these movements I enjoy and it’s a longer piece which means I don’t have to sprint. I hate sprits. Hate. Anyways, this workout is very straight forward. All movements done unbroken even the Double-unders, however after playing back the video I have realized how inefficient I am with this movement. Its clear need to work on keeping my jump lower to the ground and my arms to my sides. This will come in time, right now I’m just using extra energy.

I would like to note that this workout was designed to do 21 calories on the airbike. My bike stopped working in the middle of the workout so I decided to work for 2 minutes which I normally can get 21 cals accomplished no problem.  

Glad to have this workout done and now it’s time for bed.

Not all Workouts are Fun

AMRAP in 15 minutes:
21/15 Cals on Air Bike
15 Kettlebell swings (2/1.5p)
30 Sit-ups
15 Goblet Squats (2/1.5p)

Score: 4 rounds

Nothing about this workout had me excited but I wasn’t feeling creative and only had 15 minutes so I jumped right into it. My Air bike stopped working after the first 3 calories so I ended up biking for 90 seconds each round.

Kettlebell swings felt heavy but  not hard. Sit-ups I tried to move as quickly as possible, I knew I could hold a fast pace and being on my back my heart rate would lower by the time I was done. And it did.

The Goblet squats were the worst part. I felt this movement in my lungs, legs, and traps. Holding onto the kettlebell for 40 seconds felt like a very long time, but I was glad I didn’t have to break that movement into sets and I could just push through the burn.

Even though I didn’t love this workout, I’m glad I did it and pushed myself to complete 4 rounds.

Working on Weaknesses

5 Rounds for time:
15 cals on Air Bike
10 Strict Hand Stand Push-ups (SHSPU)
12 Burpees
20 V-ups

Score: 18:01

Working on weakness can also be called your “Goat”. I try to program my goats in a few times a week to make sure I’m working toward my goals. Today’s goat is strict handstand push-ups (SHSPU).

After doing open workout 19.3 I figured it was time to get back on the wall and work on hand placement and overall strength. This workout took, what felt like forever. I was happy with the overall exposure of 50 SHSPU) and sticking with my plan of 3-3-2-2.

It was all about the SHSPU. The other 3 movement I was able to move through at a quick and comfortable pace. I played around with moving my hands further away from the wall and that really helped move through the workout. Practicing movements that I struggle with can be frustrating but I’m always glad I did when it’s over.

Working out with an Audince

This morning my alarm went off and so did my two boys. Since I was determined to workout and was already dressed. I rolled the dice and brought the boys downstairs along with 2 bags of Cheerios. 6:45am is not a normal wake up time for my kids so needed to make this workout fast.

EMOM for 21 minutes:
1 Minute of wall-balls (20lbs)
1 Minute of Push-press (65lbs)
1 Minute of Air Bike
1 Minute of rest

Score: Consistent on every movement, 23 wall-balls, 23 Push-press, and 11 cals on the Air bike each round.

Simple workouts like these are perfect for the rushed mornings. Low skill, little equipment and a built in 1 minute rest to tend to the kids. I’m just happy they made it through and proud of myself for sticking to my workout plan. Win, win.

Never Fly Feeling Fresh

I have a theory that a day of sitting is only enjoyable with I’m sore. My family and I have decide to go on a last minute trip to Puerto Rico and our flight doesn’t leave until noon. This means we were able to squeeze in a workout.

These quick 90 second sprints spiked the heart rate. With the built in rest made it so I could keep moving and get sweaty before our long day in the air.

AMRAP in 25 minutes, with a partner:
12/9 Calories on the Air bike
12 Kettlebell swings
9 Burpees

While one partner is working the other partner rests.

Score: 16 rounds

Not much strategy or thought went into this workout. At 3,2,1 go it was all about getting the work done as fast as possible so my partner could quickly do the same. It was exactly what I needed and wanted.

Workout Buddies

I waited too long to get my workout in and this is what happens. The kids want to play, and I just want 15 minutes. Normally I include them in whatever I’m doing for the first few minutes. Then to move the evening along I sit them down and bribe them with raisins or a show.

7 Rounds for time:
15 Cals on the Air Bike
30 Tuck-ups

Score: 14:12

I’m still trying to avoid weights due to my back. I needed something quick, easy and sweaty. This workout was a great combination and taxed a muscle group that is currently not sore. Plus I could jump on the Air bike and go.