GI Jane

For time: 
100 Burpee pull-ups

Score: 10:33

Simple yet effective. This GI Jane was a video posted on the CrossFit main site in 2007 but was not posted as the workout of the day until later.

I have done this workout in the past but it has been years. This time around I don’t have a proper pull-up bar but I have a ledge of a balcony and flat surface to do my burpees. (works for me)

Like most workouts this felt great the first 20 burpees. Then gradually I could feel the discomfort in my hands and lungs. The original goal was to do 10 burpees pull-ups each minute however at around 60 burpees I started to fall off pace and couldn’t make up the time.

I can’t say that this workout is fun. It’s repetitive and painful at times but it’s effective and simple and sometimes those are the best. If you have not tired GI Jane give it a try, but I suggest using a rig not a balcony if you have the option. 🙂

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