When all You Can do is Run


1.5 mile (up hill) run
4 Rounds of
25 no push-ups burpees
Max handstand holds
1.5 mile (down hill) run

Score: 28:15

There is nothing like running in a new town/city/country to get to know a place especially when its your only option. With no Crossfit gyms in the area I’m making the best of what I have for fitness.

The mile and half run up hill felt like a perfect warm-up. The hills were a slow incline which was a nice change from San Francisco running. Once I got to the top I knew I needed a little more so the 4 rounds felt taxing but manageable.

I decided to do no push-up burpees because of the gravel on the ground and the warm surface was less than idea. It turned out to be much faster but worked my shoulders and core more than I had expected.

As for the handstand holds, I did the best I could. It’s nice to practice this movement under fatigue, my times ranged from 4-13 seconds, which I was happy with. Overall fantastic way to say my day.

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