2 mile run
Then directly into:

Bench Press
10 @ 55 % (75 lbs)
8 @ 65 % (95 lbs)
6 @ 75% (105 lbs)
4 @ 85 % (123 lbs)
2 @ 95% (135 lbs)
1 @ 100% (143 lbs)

Bench is not a movement I do often, I don’t program it in and I normally do it about 4 times a year which is not enough. However, it’s one of my favorite movements especially on a rest day or when I’m not in a fully outfitted gym which is my current situation.

After the 2 mile run, I was feeling warmed up so I jumped right into the bench press. If felt great all the way through until the last few rounds. I have clearly fallen off my PR of 148 which I couldn’t hit, but I know its good to be under heavyweights like this and I should try and do it more often.

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