Working out alone can be isolating and challenging to motivate through the inevitable pain. Having a partner or someone to hold you accountable is an ideal scenario. This idea of working out in a group setting isn’t new. Over the years I have attended every type of group class I could get my hands on however this style of functional fitness was the only thing that ever gave me the results I wanted.

Fast forward 7 years and 3 kids later I finally found a passion project I’m proud of. Coaching. Helping other athletes (mainly women) achieve goals and exceed expectations they didn’t know they had for themselves is incredibly inspiring.

For me; fitness can range from 15- 90-minute session. Most of the time I’m trying to squeeze it in before I head to the office and after my kids go to bed. The last few years as a personal trainer has made that even more challenging but not impossible. As I spend more time with clients I really see the value in training with a partner or coach to keep that accountability piece going.

Whatever your goal is: wedding, loosing the baby weight or just get into better shape. Go for it, you’re the only one who can make the best version of yourself.

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