Did Not Finish

Getting a score of DNF next to my name is challenging, especially when I know I could have completed the last 3 reps of the workout.

This post is humbling and I contemplated whether I should post it. After much thought, I decided I wanted to be as authentic as possible even if it wasn’t my best performance.

This mornings workout was rare, I was able to exercise at the CrossFit box I use to train in, and occasionally coach at. I happened to be coaching Sunday’s classes so I decided to get a workout in before classes started.

Whenever I get to workout in a fully equipped gym my main objective is to use equipment I don’t have at home and to lift heavier than I could at my house (since I can’t drop the weights from overhead at home). This was the workout I decided to tackle:

For time:
27 Cals on the rower, 27 Toes-to-bar
21 Cals on the rower, 21 Chest-to-bar
15 Cals on the rower, 15 Bar Muscle ups
Directly into……..
8 Clean and Jerks @ 110lbs
4 Clean and Jerks @ 123lbs
2 Clean and Jerks @ 135lbs
1 Clean and Jerks @ 145lbs

Score: DNF

This style of workout had me excited. It was the perfect combination of lifting and gymnastics. Everything was moving along fine until the first clean at 135lbs. I pulled the bar 3 inches off the ground and my back lit up. I immediately dropped the bar. This type of back spasm has happened 2 times before so I was familiar with the feeling. It’s a minor injury that I know will heal, but not being able to complete a workout I had set my eyes on really bothered me.

For the next week I will be avoiding any hinging and heavy weights. I will also be making an appointment for a Physical therapist, which makes me feel old. lol.

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