Love to Win, or Hate to Lose?

Today is the first day of the Crossfit Open. For those of you that are not familiar, it’s 5 individual workout. One new workout each week. These workouts need to be performed in front of a judge or filmed as evidence. Every athlete participating must submit their score by Monday by 5pm, PST.

I have participated in the Open for the last 5 years. This Open is particularly interesting to me because last year was the first year I have decided to train by myself, in my garage, with only the equipment I own. Since the Open is a test of fitness. I will be able to see if the training I did at home was truly effective and what area’s I need to work on, for next year.

AMRAP for 15 minutes:
19 Wall balls
19 Calories on the Rower

Score: 236 reps/ 6+8

After completing the first workout, I was pleasantly surprised with my score, and my ability to keep pushing. Showing that my cardio has not fallen off but I still need to work on my rowing (which I don’t have at home). The wall ball which normally I struggle with were not as bad as I thought they would be. I’m ready to log my score and prepare for next Friday’s workout.

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